Ehsan Haque - Mitisol Limited

Ehsan Haque

Ehsan Haque (Chairman) is based in Switzerland; he is an accomplished senior level manager with an extensive background in Banking, with a track record in asset management, securities trading, FX, fund raising, communications and marketing. Ehsan’s career has contributed on furthering the missions, initiatives and goals of organisations by being extremely focused in maintaining long-term objectives of the firms and their clients. Able to adapt to changing market conditions, especially in the financial sector, he helped teams analyse and think through the change process to acclimatise quickly to the sector’s needs. Ehsan has worked as senior director positions in global financial institutions, including HSBC, RBC, Bear Sterns and Merrill Lynch, in London and Switzerland. He has studied computer science at the University of Massachusetts before completing his studies in Business and Human Resources Management at Palm Beach Atlantic University (US)